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About us

Founded in 2005, Shaoxing Hengji Cotton Hemp Purchase & Supply Co., Ltd. is a specialized trader of cotton and hemp fabrics. Located in China Light Textile City-The biggest distribution place in Asia for textiles, Hengji has devoted to the texture adjustment of products and the research and development of finishing methods for several years. Starting as a fabric trader only, we now have successfully expanded our business into the fields of home textile, household article and engineering, etc. Up to now, Hengji has become an important fabric supplier and procurement base of first-class enterprises in home textile and household article industry. Our products are well sold in EU, USA, Japan and Korea, etc. Taking "Honesty, mutual benefits" as core business idea, we aim to develop and produce "the latest and best fabrics in the best prices". Following people's demands and keeping pace with the times, we work hard and strive to be a comprehensive and specialized fabric supplier in home textile and garment industry.

Our main products:

1, Hemp fabric series: Rain & dew hemp, linen, ramie (high count), interweaving, blending, slubbed, jacquard, Yarn-dyed, (Printing, color scraping, embroidery);

2, Cotton fabric series: stretch (TWILLED SATIN, yarn drill, poplin), high dense poplin, high dense twill, leno, slubbed, crepe cloth, metallic yarn, and so on.

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